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Publication Policy
All publications based on EuroCMR Registry data have to be approved by the steering committee and the principal investigators before submission.

Authorship of any publication based on the EuroCMR Registry can only be earned by one or a combination of the following achievements: 1) working in the steering committee, 2) working as a key person for a specific protocol, 3) participation in the EuroCMR Registry by providing high quality scientific data according to the approved protocols. Financial support of the EuroCMR Registry without fulfilling one of the criteria above does not entitle the supporter to be an author.

The members of the steering committee are authors of all publications resulting from the EuroCMR registry.

In addition, each of the five centers contributing the highest number of patients to an actual publication may nominate one author form their institution.

The key persons in charge of a specific protocol take responsibility for the order of authors on each publication resulting from their specific protocol.

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