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At a Glance
Next, the researchers will analyze data from the EuroCMR registry to determine the prognosis for patients who undergo CMR imaging for the three most common indications. The following individual protocols are part of the Registry so far:

Suspected CAD: Hypothesis: patients with a normal CMR protocol for the detection of CAD including the three components: LV wall motion at rest, stress ischemia (high-dose dobutamine CMR / adenosine stress perfusion), and scar detection (delayed enhancement) have a low risk of future cardiovascular events.

HCM SCD: Myocardial scarring detected by contrast-enhanced CMR is a stronger predictor of adverse events during follow-up than clinical markers.

Heart Failure: The main aim of the third specific protocol will be to evaluate CMR for risk stratification in patients with reduced ejection fraction.

LVNC: The EuroCMR Registry special protocol “LVNC” aims to establish the frequency of CMR scans identifying patients with marked LV trabeculations and normal ejection fractions. The Registry aims to determine the prognosis of such patients and will seek predictors of LVNC related adverse outcomes.
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